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I first became aware that something was amiss with my intestinal tract in summer 2001 when I started to experience mild but persistent abdominal cramps allied with an irregular bowel habit.I put this problem down to my lifestyle. I ran my own business, was under a fair amount of pressure and certainly did not eat regularly. Some would say I did not eat properly either!

By autumn the symptoms had continued but not worsened. I did not feel ill. However one day I noticed that I was passing blood from my back passage. I monitored this for a few days and when it continued I sought the opinion of my doctor.

His initial diagnosis was haemorrhoids and he treated me accordingly with pessaries.

As I expected the pessaries did no good whatsoever and I made a follow-up visit to my GP. His approach was to give them a bit more time. I was not happy with this but went home to sleep on it.

At this time I had spent more than 20 years in the regulatory and equipment side of the healthcare sector. One of the subject areas I had studied over an extended period of time was endoscopy. I knew instincively that I required a sigmoidoscopy and fast!

I arranged to see another Doctor in the practice and explained my views. She was in accord and set about making an appointment immediately.

The real story starts now.....................!!

Checkout the "My Diary" link to follow my trials and tribulations, ups and downs, good times and bad times-call them what you will!!

"My Diary" covers the years 2001 to the present day.

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