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Welcome to the CancerHeadOn Website!
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My name is Dougie Miller.
I was officially diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer in early 2002 but had probably and unknowingly been suffering from the disease for a considerable time before diagnosis.
This website is here to share my story and hopefully to give some useful information and inspiration to fellow cancer sufferers.
I firmly believe this disease needs to be fought "Head-On" from the start, hence the site name ""!!

In early 2002 my life became redefined permanently. There was a change point; a line in the sand. My acronyms for it were simply bcdc and acdc. Im sure that the great rock band known as ACDC wont mind me using this as I’m sure they employed some sort of punctuation between the AC and the DC so no copyright infringement to chase me on! As for the other connotation of acdc lets just ignore that right now!

So what is bcdc and acdc. Logically they should be in alphabetical order but that is not how our timeline works. The first, bcdc is an an acronym for “before cancer diagnosis confirmed” and you guessed it acdc means “after cancer diagnosis confirmed”,

From acdc Day 1 I decided never to look back except maybe occasionally to have a laugh with friends reflecting on some of the good experiences we had had, the fun times. From now on I look forward and battle for my life,

So bcdc really is there as an acknowledgement that there was such a time, I just do not want to dwell on it. So acdc was the way of life from then on.

My disease is bowel cancer. On diagnosis it was not staged. Immediately after surgery it was; Stage III or in old money Dukes C. This of course is not good because it means advanced cancer-cancer that has spread outwith the bowel wall, normally into the lymphatic system, but so far no distant metasteses.

As I write this my disease has progressed significantly.

What follows is a brief account of my experiences over the last four and a half years. Nobody wants to be diagnosed with cancer. It is a dreadful disease. However if you accept your disease from day 1, don’t become bitter, don’t say “why me” and set out to battle it single mindedly you will find that it can be a life-enriching experience.

Please feel free to roam the site and leave any constructive comments in the Guestbook.

Thanks for your visit!

 Acknowledgements and Thanks

I owe a debt of gratitude to the many people who have walked the trail and sometimes run the trail that is my quest for survival over the past four and a half years:

Those closest to me who have lived the highs and lows every step of the way - you are my inspiration!

My oncologist who has treated me since Day 1 and who is simply fantastic, not only professionally but also because she has always listened and tried to address my constant questions and my challenges to the status quo.

My colorectal surgeon whose skill and expertise gave me a real chance of cure and who continues to take an interest in my case more than 4 years after my operation.

To the excellent teams of nurses who have cared for me over the past four and a half years, sometimes in very difficult circumstances; particularly those in Wards 1,3 and 5 at the Western General Hospital Edinburgh; those in the HDU and Wards 11 and 18 in Queen Margaret Hospital Dunfermline and those in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.





This Website tells a personal story and provides some resources in relation to cancer. It does not purport to be an authority on the subject or to give any clinical guidance. If you are concerned about your health or require diagnosis please ensure that you contact appropriately qualifed personnel. Whilst all information is given in good faith no responsibility whatsoever will be accepted for any problems arising out of the use of information provided on or via this website We are not responsible for the content of any website we provide links to.



I have just spent 3 weeks in hospital because of a problem with my Hickman Line. It has caused a couple of big clots in my BC veins ( Brachiocephalic in med speak!) and I am being fully anti-coagulated right now!! Thanks a million to the fantastic team on Ward 3 Western General Hospital, Edinburgh for their help and humour over the past couple of weeks. Met some good people as well especially a fellow patient-Willie from Dumfries. Willie I enjoyed the crack!! Good Fun!! Take care buddy and good luck!

Dougie. 6 May 2006

This site is always "Under Construction" and is updated as and when I can.
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